Who am I?

“Stop acting so silly!” These four words, yelled at me in my youth by one or both of my parents, typically followed some “performance” of a silly voice. Sometimes it was a cartoon or TV character imitation, sometimes a voice of my own creation, but almost always in a public place, causing many heads to turn much to my parents chagrin, but to my great amusement.

Those “silly voices” led me to a career in broadcasting, where for over 15 years I have written, produced and voiced literally thousands of commercials, splitters, promos, ID’s, liners and well, you get the idea.

The same “silly voices” led me to a second career as a voice actor.

I have been heard (and sometimes seen in animated form) on national campaigns for Hasbro, Parker Brothers, General Mills, Nabisco, Shelcore Toys, and more.
Although “non-silly” voiceover work, such as radio station imaging, narrations, and commercials are a big part of what I do, I still make with the “silly voices”. Sometimes for clients, sometimes to amuse my kids… hell, sometimes to amuse myself.

The lesson learned?

Don’t listen to my dad when he tells you to stop doing your Mr. Rogers impression in the checkout line at Sears.

RodneyWho am I?
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